My day job is at Tonium, the creator of Pacemaker. Pacemaker is a portable slightly-larger-than-an-iPod DJ-device that basically can replace two turntables, a mixer, and effects. This allows the DJ to step out of the booth and onto the dance floor to interact with the crowd directly.

To transfer songs to the Pacemaker we also have an editor, creatively named Pacemaker Editor. This editor also allows you to create and edit mixes. You can create a mix on the device, then transfer it to the editor to fix you inevitable mistakes, and then upload your finished work to our community at, a Youtube for mixes and their DJs.

But the editor has now turned into more than just an application for DJs. We’ve just released a new version of our software (for PC and Mac), where we’ve made the editor into a pretty good general music player. And since I’ve been a part of developing the editor, I’m promoting it here.

So go download it from here and try it out! There’s even iTunes integration, so you can easily import your iTunes library to test out little app.

</corporate shilling>